I am father of four active children that are very active in academics, track & field, volleyball, cycling, cross country running, camping, and socializing. They are also some of my best patients, as they see the benefits of chiropractic care helping them reach their potential.


I am deeply passionate about the work that I do and the philosophy involved in the healing process. Our new clinic is the culmination of a lifelong vision and built upon the rapport of several thousand happy patients.

My Journey

My journey into Chiropractic began in high school, after suffering a debilitating tailbone injury in a racquetball tournament. As a consequence, I suffered severe pain and disruption to my day-to-day life. Things that were once easy for me became difficult and soon symptoms began to compound. In addition to being in constant pain, ulcers and asthma began to complicate my overall health. Through the help of chiropractic care, my symptoms began to fade as the expression of my health returned. Since then, I have dedicated years of study to the art and science of delivering the highest quality of chiropractic care.